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Final Gravity - Lager

This is my second lager. It is a Pilsner Urquell. It was born 9-5-2011. The OG was 1.050. At two weeks I racked it into the secondary. The gravity was 1.030 and it was still active. Two weeks later the gravity is still 1.030 and it is still active. The FG should be at 1.012. I have it at 50 degrees. Will the gravity ever drop? Did I do something wrong? The yeast was Wyeast 2278 Czech Pilsner. Jim W.

Did you aerate? Did you pitch a starter? It certainly sounds stuck.

I am thinking you racked to secondary way to soon and that it will probably take forever to drop to the proper final gravity. You removed it from the majority of the yeast. If it is active and you are very patient, you could just let it ride, but it could take quite a while.

You also could pitch more yeast and that might help.

Did you make a starter originally?

It seems the concensious here is not to even bother doing secondaries at all. I go from the primary right to the keg and let the yeast settle to the bottom and clear out. Or if you bottle go from the primary right to your lagering. At 1.030 you should have been getting ready to do your d-rest. But ya I agree with the other posters about doing a healthy starter for lagers. You might have to pitch more yeast. Some people here do 4 week primaries and just let it ferment completely out.

But, hey, welcome to the forum. You will become a much better brewer if you read this stuff regularly.


Thanks for all of the responses. I’m still new with Lagers. I think you are right. I racked it into the secondary too soon. I might pitch some more yeast. No I did not use a starter. Thanks.

Jim W.

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