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Final Gravity Bavarian Hefeweizen

Hey guys brewed my first ever batch last weekend…it was the NB Bavarian Hefeweizen… was wondering what my goal Final Gravity should be so i have something to aim for(so i know i didnt screw it up is what i really mean)…i plan i leaving it in my primary carboy for 2 more weeks before i bottle.

The BJCP says 1.010-1.014.
If this was extract then it will probably be a few points above that.

No need to leave a beer of this gravity in the fermenter that long, IME. Especially not if you plan to serve it “mit hefe”.

Well its been in my carboy now for 8 days exactly to the hour …my reading this morning was 1.012-1.013… i plan im checking it again in a few days. My buddies said they leaving every in for 3 weeks rule of thumb i guess…so it can really clean up. This was the first time ive ever brewed and like all newbies wanna make sure im headed in the right directions and not gonna end up with horrible flavored water. I had a very fast fermentation due to the warmer than usual weather early last week and i did manage to keep the temp fairly consistent.

Isn’t that terrible. You read and read. Then listen to a friend and plan to leave a beer in the primary for 3 weeks. Now someone comes along and says “don’t leave it that long”. :shock:

Wheats would be an exception to the 2-3 week primary. 1) you will loose the haze of a wheat beer. 2) They are just plain delicious at an early age. :cheers:

So what do you recommend?

Looks like you are at/near the FG. Check it tomorrow and if the same bottle when you have the time.

When you bottle, fill one soda bottle. Squeeze the air out and cap it. The bottle will expand as CO2 is formed. No need to wonder what is happening inside the glass bottles then.

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