I have a few question about filtering.

  • What is a good micron to use? I was going to use a canister with a poly filter.
  • I am getting ready to transfer to second ferm. I would like to filter out the hops. I was thinking that I would was either a cheese cloth or a new white t shirt. I was going to put it in boiling water to sanitize.

Either would work, but, our host has some smaller bags that will work great also, and designed for brewing! Sneezles61

How were you planning to use the filter? Racking with CO2 pressure into the secondary filled with CO2? Attaching the filter to the inflow end of an auto siphon inside the primary? Depending on how a filter is used oxidation of the beer could be a concern.

This what I use inside the bottling bucket to catch hop pellet debris.

I would be real careful using a white tee. T-shirts, even plain white ones have a ton of chemicals in them. They use a ton of chlorine to make that shirt white, not to mention some companies use formaldehyde to preserve the fibers. Also, many cotton products have a lot of pesticides on them that stay on the cotton even after it’s been bleached and processed. The detergent they use to wash the shirts before they go out are pretty nasty as well, and don’t come off very easily.

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I just bought a SS mesh strainer to put on the end of the racking cane to filter out hops and other stuff. I used to use a small hop bag.

-I’m thinking that I was going to let gravity do the work.

  • I did the transfer with little hop issue. Would it be possible, being the yeast was so active , that the hops totally brake down. My activity was so active that the liquid was churning in the fermenter. The beer was not contaminated.

-Did not think about the issues with the t shirts, thanks.

For some reason I thought you were filtering leaf hops. Pellet hops will break apart and settle into the trub layer given enough time. I use the bag on the siphon tube for beers that have been dry hopped with pellets. Usually a seven day dry hop. I use the bag just for insurance. Usually collect very little debris. Wouldn’t make a big difference if this debris settled out in the bottle.

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me use a micron water filter system but the left over stuff like hops will stay in the water filter canister .but only filter when iam done with second fermenting and getting ready to put my beer in the keg. by the way cool idea flars to put a filter bag at the end of the hose. must say the last beer i did not filter straight in the keg. only be carefull transfering the beer so no unwanted stuff ends up in the keg must say nice taste