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Filtering hops out after boil

Just upgraded to a keggle and was wondering what the best solution is for keeping pellet hops out of the primary. So far I’ve seen hop spiders, mesh bazooka tubes, and a bent copper tube used while whirlpooling. Right now, I am using an immersion chiller so not worried about clogging, just how to keep any extra particles out of the fermenter.

I just pour mine through the big mesh strainer that NB sells. I like to think it helps oxygenate my wort too.

I use a funnel with a screen in it. I have to stop once or twice to clear the screen, but for me, it’s no big deal.

I use the NB double mesh strainer. I use a bucket for primary.

I whirlpool… works great.
any little bits that do get in eventually settle.
when I transfer to secondary and to bottling bucket, I tie a nylon sock to end of siphon hose.
my beer is very clear everytime.

Hop spider. Easy as hell to make. Build mine last weekend. Took about 10min and cost about $15 for parts at home depot.

I agree with the strainer. Works very well to filter out pellet hops.

Slight thread jack: What about using whole leaf hops? I’ve always used pellet in the boil, because I’m scared that leaf hops would clog the valve I use to drain the keggle. Anyone have a good way to filter them out?

I usually use hop bags because I have to use a cane to rack from my kettle to the primary and hops will often interupt the syphon. It is best to kick up the amount of hops a little when using bags.

[quote=“10ounce”]I’ve always used pellet in the boil, because I’m scared that leaf hops would clog the valve I use to drain the keggle. Anyone have a good way to filter them out?[/quote]If you’re using whole hops only, you can attach a stainless scrubbie or a short piece of stainless braid to the end of the pickup tube. Doesn’t work if you have pellets in the kettle, though - they’ll clog it up.

I’ll add another vote for the wire mesh strainer. 4 bucks and its useful for more than just brewing.

I prefer to whirlpool in my keggle. Almost everything stays in the keg when I transfer to the fermenter.

I’ve also just poured the whole thing right in the fermentor with no ill effects, so whatever you’re doing will be fine.

True. The only thing I can think filtering the hops out as much as possible will benefit is a clean yeast slurry if you’re saving yeast.

+1 Same here.


One more vote for whirlpool. I use a March pump to circulate the wort. The wort is directed towards the middle of my immersion chiller using copper tubing. At the end of the copper tubing, I have two 45 degree elbows that direct the wort in opposite directions; same effect of whirpooling. Almost all of the trub and hop material remains in the center of my boil kettle.

there is a really good episode of Basic Brewing Radio podcast on Feb. 23 about the effects of trub on finished beer here:

there are two episodes, one announcing the experiment and the other w/ the results. makes you think twice about what happens when we strain off solids from our boil.

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