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Filtering From The Brew-pot To The Fermenter

I just did a 3 gallon BIAB. Everything went as according to plan up until I transferred to the fermenter.

I did my hops boils “commando” so I thought I could use a re-purposed nylon grain bag as a filter as I poured the wort into the fermenter. This plugged up almost immediately. So i quickly sanitized a wire strainer and used it to filter the wort. It worked a little better but still plugged frequently and I still ended up with a lot of gunk in the fermenter. It looks like cold break material but I’m not sure.

Is there something I should have done differently?

Cover the pot and let it sit for 15-30 minutes to allow the solids to settle. Then pour carefully to keep the filer clean as long as possible.

I use a wire kitchen strainer, pouring from my BK to the fermenter. Do have to scrape the strainer with a sanitized spoon from time-to-time to keep it from clogging. Works OK to keep most of the used hops, and hot break material from the bucket, but there is still a fair amount of trub. Nothing to worry about, and probably acts as yeast nutrient, at least somewhat.

I use a nylon paint strainer bag from the hardware store, or Walmart. Dirt cheap. After 2-3 wks in fermenter it all settles out anyway and it syphons clear. If you want clearer go to a secondary for a few days. My experience is “What’s the rush?” Giving beer more time is a good thing. Just me.

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