Filtering After Boil (and before bottling)

Any advice on filtering techniques when racking to the primary….or before bottling? Any methods that work better than others?

I always splash rack my cooled wort into my fermenter to start the oxygenation process. Just put a strainer over the bucket (or if you use a carboy, a strainer and funnel) and then just use a short piece of hose to channel the wort from your boil kettle to the fermenter. This strains out any hops from the boil (I don’t use a spider or have a screen in my BK). Beware, if you have a lot of hops coming through (such as in an IPA) the strainer can clog and over flow if you go too fast, so you have to keep an eye on it. Then, just oxygenate as you normally would, pitch the yeast, and cap it.


I have thought about this as well since my first experience with a hop spider was not that great. What you can do it get a paint strainer from Home Depot and cut it into pieces and use a rubber band to attach it to the bottom of the racking cane. Rack it right from the kettle to the carboy. I have done this from primary to secondary and it worked pretty darn good.

My kettle has a valve, so once the wort is cooled, I get a good whirlpool going, then cover it up and wait 10 minutes. Then run it off. Some pellet hops make it out, but a strainer gets the bulk of it.

If you’ve ever seen an olde tyme movie of a kid keeping a rolling hoop going with occasional inputs from a stick, that’s what you are going for.

If fermenting in a pail, purchase some 5g paint strainer bags. Place inside the pail. Dump the wort in, and pull the bag out.

Carboy, it’s a pain to pour through a funnel with a screen/paint bag. It clogs easily.

Use some panty hose for the hops in the boil. And don’t be concerned with the hot/cold break.

Or the hop spider.