Filter beer or not

have been filtering some of my beers before i put it into the beer keg. it does come out clear and crisp nice to present it to my guests at home. but question i know if will affect the taste a bit but does it really alter the beer taste . tomorow will keg a beer with out filtering see if iam right taste wise

If you like the results keep doing it. I don’t filter but untill I pull off a few pints and the beer completely settles out I can taste the difference.

I agree with @brew_cat. If it works keep doing it. It will remove some hop flavor. I only filter beers that I’m planning on making a presentation, say at a party. Other than that I don’t worry about it too much.

I purchased a filter and it was ok, but not really clear. I found that using gelatin worked much better than any of my other methods. It also works best when the beer is cold. It gave me the very clear beer that I’ve been hoping for. Not even filtering could get me the crystal clear beer.

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Really? What micron filter were you using? I use a 1 micron and get crystal clear beer. I would suggest hitting the beer with gelatin first then filtering.

Of course, as I mention, I rarely filter unless it’s VERY important.