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Filling tanks/pin valve regulator

I have 1 20oz tank, 1 20# tank, and a pin valve regulator that I am trying to figure out what to do with.

Any suggestions on adaptors to fill the 20oz tank off of the 20# tank or an adaptor to use the 20# tank with the pin valve regulator?


I believe the 20# tank needs to be inverted to fill other things from it. You also have to use an accurate scale and fill by weight. There are kits to help you put all this together. Check Amazon or Google for more info and costs associated.

I recently asked my LHBS the same question. They also told me to invert the 20# tank; but did not have the “kit” to do it with. Please let us know what you find and I will do the same as I am researching same.

Something like this is what you need. ... 2ebfe68f24

Thank you. I was looking at those earlier today minus the scale. I didn’t know that it would need to be done by weight.

Are there adapters out there to connect a pin valve regulator to a 20# tank?

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