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Fighting Back!

Check this out. Small guys are fighting back!

Surprised they left some off though, like Ballast Point.

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Makes me sad… in the late 90s, I was a Seattle kid, sucking down tons of Red Hook and Elysian.

Would the “brew to drink list” be shorter? And I enjoyed red hook over here… Sneezles61

Sorry, @loopie_beer, that was a truly disappointing series of articles.

To me, the first article read like eyeball monetizing click-bait. The second article had nothing new to say, reads like a recycled “me too” article on the craft beer “crisis”, and has just 10-ish recent purchases.

There are more complete, and actively maintained, resources available (and have been available for a couple of years) that provide more complete information on brewery ownership.

Bring back those good memories. Find a clone recipe at Zymurgy, BYO, (maybe HomeBrewTalk :wink:,) and brew it this weekend.

Some good beers in there. Red Hook IPA was a go to in the grocery when good beer was hard to find in some. AB brews Goose Island IPA about 20 min. from me. It’s not bad and on draft in a lot of places. I guess there are goods and bads about fake micro breweries.

Had to install an anti ad block killer to read the article though. :smiling_imp:

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