Fig anise belgium sour brew

Was at an event at the brew shop and a guy was telling me about a beer he saw in BYO that was a belgium quad with fig and anise, first stage fermentation was a belgium yeast, second fermentation was a brett. He aged it for a year and said it came out super. I think i want to give this a whirl. Did not see the grain bill on BYO anyone heard of this beer or have made it before.would love to try to make it or hear from anyone who has

Sounds like something you could find over at

I made a quad with anise a few years back without the fig, but it came out great. The yeast used is one of may favorites, and its always predictable. I usuallty get about 80% attenuation, and ferment 72-80, and it taste better with aging. For a 5 gallon batch…If your interested:

1:1 water

16 lb Belgian Pils
2 lb Belgian Biscuit
1 lb Belgian Special B

1 lb Blond Soft Candi (flameout)

2 oz German Spalt (3.9% - 60 min)

1 oz anise (flameout, removed after chilled)

Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes

I did find it on the madfermentorist. Just wondering if anyone had tried making it. It looks interesting but do want to go through the trouble of making and aging it if it’s bad. I tend to get all geeked up about odd brews and usually end up poring them down the drain after I’ve make them.