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FG for Black IPA extract kit?

Hi everyone,

I just finally bottled my Black IPA today (about a month later than planned, ugh!). My FG was 1.024. The OG was 1.076. I’ve never made such a heavy beer before, so is this normal? I’m 99.999% sure that it was done fermenting as there were no issues with that, and it has been sitting at about 60-62* for the past month.

Anyway, just wondering what others have witnessed with this particular kit. My poor DH is a bit bummed that this will only be a 6.83% ABV. :roll:

Thanks and Happy New Year! :cheers:

Mine was at 1.024 as well. I just kegged it a week ago and now drinking it… wow is this a good beer.

The second beer I ever made was that kit. OG 1.078 - FG 1.020. But at the time I didn’t have good temp control and it did ferment a little warm. But yes, around 1.024 is about what I would from that kit. Extract beers usually finish with a higher gravity and higher SRM then all grain. That Black IPA will be a little on the sweet side, but should still taste good. Lots of hoppy goodness to counteract the sweetness.

The second time I brewed this beer I converted it to partial mash. OG 1.084 - FG 1.024. Still too sweet for my liking. I plan on brewing it again as all grain, but will definitely mash at a lower temp to get a more fermentable wort and may switch up the yeast to something with a higher attenuation.

I just bottled mine 2 weeks ago sliding in at 1.012, calculating 8.3%abv. I don’t think it had anything to do with the cup of cacao nibs added. However after adding those and rousing the fermenter I was forced to sit on the batch an additional 2 weeks to calm it down.

Did this one back in Sept / Oct and checking my notes it finished at 1.023 and has definitely been my favorite batch of the 4 we’ve done so far.

Great, thanks guys!

Personally I do not think I will care for this beer, but that doesn’t matter b/c my husband wanted it. He tasted it yesterday and decided that he wishes it were a tad sweeter, but he still really likes it even in this raw state (so I have hopes that after some conditioning the sweetness will come through better). His hope is that this will be a replacement for Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout that he likes to drink alongside of a scotch. I’m very, very happy to hear that all of you were happy with this kit, and perhaps I’ll come around to the dark side (ha! couldn’t resist that one!).

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