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FG Curse

So who else feels the sting of the FG curse. No I’m not talking about when you don’t make your FG and start cursing up a storm. Or the fact that you can never quite get your FG where you want it. Its when you take that first sample taste and want to drink the whole batch right now because it tastes so good :twisted: .

Just took my 1st FG of my Chocolate Milk Stout and I can’t wait to get this carbed up. Unfortunately I still bottle so that will add another 1-2 weeks minimum, and I know Stouts take longer so could even be 3-4 weeks.

The waiting IS the hardest part…Tom Petty
Time is on my side…Rolling Stones
It’s worth the wait. Just think how awesome that beer will be when it’s carbed and ready. And IMHO, a little extra time in the bottle seems to help bring out the more subtle flavors in most dark beers. :cheers: Prost!!

It’s been conditioning for three weeks now came out pretty good. Can taste subtle coffee notes and a hint of chocolate. Doesn’t have the mouth feel or exact chocolate/sweet flavor I was looking for, so will have to experiment next time I make it. Maybe a little more lactose and different chocolate additions.

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