Fg 0.995?

This is a brew I mentioned in another thread was lost in confusion and moving things around got buried in a corner with stuff being stored. Recently found sitting in a corner whith a dry air lock, but the top of the beer was nice and clean and clear when I opened it and not certain about taste and smell yet. Seems like it might be good stuff once carbinated, I really hate flat beer or soda so it’s hard for me to tell if it’s good when flat.

Anyway in finally getting ready to bottle it today I took a reading and got an FG 0.995 !
That is correct, I checked several times. Other scale shows less than 0% alcohol potential, the 0 is even below the beer.

Now I am wondering if I mix in the normal amount of priming sugar aqnd add fresh yeast if it will do anything at all, or take forever if it does?

I don’t know anything at all about what I brewed but knowing me it may have been a a fairly high OG to start with. Though I try to put a label on the bucket with what’s in it, this bucket has no label.

Not sure where to go with this now. I think I most often see like FG1.10 mentioned as being about normal when a beer is done. Will this be too dry? Should I add a bit of Malt and yeast to bring up the FG and then let it ferment out again?

For tonight I think I’ll just put it all in mini keg bottles so I can get my bucket cleaned and ready to use again. I should get my NB order tomorrow. I have a 6pack of CO2 cartridges on the order also so maybe I’ll try to force carb 1 mini keg still?

That’s a really low FG for a beer - there’s usually a fair amount of non-fermentables in wort that make getting into the single digits a chore but you’re below that. Any chance you pitched brett or another bug in there?

The low FG isn’t a problem for bottling - the yeast will just eat the simple sugar as normal as long as the ABV isn’t so high that it shuts them down. I would definitely add some fresh US-05 or S-04 when bottling though - there’s a good chance that the original yeast has gone dormant and settled to the bottom with such a long secondary.

Check your hydrometer with water, it should read 1.000. Sounds like it may need calibrating.

Checked Hydrometer and it reads right on 1 even with tap water from the well.

Could be one got in?
Drank a little sip or two today, nice warm feeling, taste is a off a bit, a little soapy taste perhaps not sure?
I put it all in mini kegs for today, had to get stuff put away.

If you’re for sure the reading is right then you’ve almost definately got a bug. Beer has no business finishing that low, unless it was mosty table sugar.

That said, if it tastes good, drink it. Nothing can live in beer that can hurt you.

[quote=“Nate42”]Nothing can live in beer that can hurt you.[/quote]I have a beer fermented with just a handful of raw grain and there’s something in there that’s definitely a little different - one pint of it and it’ll put me (literally) on the floor and I’m a guy who can handle a pint of tequila and a couple pints of IIPA on any given night. I’m afraid to try it again after the last experience - it’s been sitting in the keg for a long time now while I decide what to do with it.

Well, when I say nothing can live in beer that will hurt you, I should clarify that I meant permanent damage. Doesn’t mean you can’t end up with something unpleasant. Usually the really nasty stuff also smells/looks/tastes foul though.

Shadetree, I would try your stuff once more in the interest of science, and if its still scary than dump it. Even if it isn’t going to kill you, sounds like it isn’t very fun. May as well get rid of it. And it goes without saying probably, but clean and sanitize the crap out of that keg.

Yeah, I’ll try it again, probably in a blend, though, rather than a straight pint - it adds a nice gym sock, parmesan, and clover character when added in small amounts to a one-dimensional lactic beer.

yeah, sounds like it might be awesome in small doses in lambic. make yourself a Gueze!

Well I got my order from NB yesterday so tried to force carb one of the mini Coors Lite kegs.
DAM, the Coors keg Co2 cartride has a slightly bigger tip than standard 16gm I bought.
I got Co2 into the keg and shook it well for a minute or so as the rest of CO2 was leaking out the seal, so maybe it carbed up over night, but I’ll just have to use it as a bottle with cap, not a draft tap dispener.

Looks like I can make an adapter or use a tiny 0-ring maybe to make it work,
It’s a bummer though I can’t just use it as is right now.

I doubt you got any appreciable CO2 in solution shaking while it leaked out.

If you want to bottle in larger volumes, get some 2L PET bottles at the grocery store, generic club soda works well for under $1 per bottle. Then prime them with dry sugar and a pinch of dry yeast, then add the beer to about two inches from the top and squeeze the sides to push the beer to the lip and hold it there while twisting the cap back on. Keep them at 75-80F and you’ll have carbed beer in a week.

Did you add sugar? That would certainly play a part. Have you tasted it?