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Few questions about doing a partial mash

I am considering doing the oatmeal stout partial mash, and I was reading the kit instructions. Which say to add grains to 154* water and let sit for 1 hour, and sparge with 170* water at the end. I normally do all grain, but I use a mash tun. Okay so here’s my question/s, can I bag my grains and let them steep on the stove for that hour provided I keep the ideal temp range? I’m not too worried about the sparging as that is to rinse the grains.

Anyone see any problems with my idea here? I plan on using a smaller boil kettle 5 gallon. Any insight on this I would appreciate.

Your plan is possible. I would do a “dry” run with just water to see if you can maintain ~150 and if so where on the heat dial.

Another option would be to put the pot in the oven. But again, I think most ovens limit out at 170.

I would do exactly what you said, except I would put all 6 gallons in the boil kettle. You won’t lose temperature, unless you’re doing that outside, then just check the temp every 10-15 minutes, making sure you keep the temp around the 154 or whatever it was. I would then fire up the kettle and just use a ladle or pan to pour some hotter water over the grain bag. Then add the DME/LME and go to town like usual.

Cool, I figured it shouldn’t be a problem, but I wanted someone else’s input! I would do a full volume boil as I have a boilermaker, but my chiller went caput on me… That’s why I am only going to do a partial boil. I don’t expect to have to much twang with it, and as soon as I get a new chiller preferably a counter flow I’ll be back to all grain. Thanks guy’s by the way I would put the cheers smiley faces but for some reason it won’t add them when I click on it! FYI they are enabled!

Mimsey, Use some caution in that you don’t let the bottom of your kettle get too hot and burn through the grain bag. I have had success with heating the water soaking the grains and then take the pot off the burner and insulating it with old towels and blankets. Just my experience.


My usual procedure is to heat my oven to low, put the kettle(lid on) in the oven and turn the heat off. Temp usually stays within a degree or two.

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