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Fernentation slowed sooner than expected

I brewed a batch of AK47 Pale Mild Ale on Friday, December 30 using Windsor Ale dry yeast. Fermentation began very quickly and vigorously but today has already slowed considerably (airlock bubbles once every 3 minutes). The specific gravity has dropped from 1.040 to 1.010. The temperature of the bucket fermenter is approximately 67 degrees. Could fermentation be near completion already? This is only my 6th batch, and I’ve never had fermentation slow so quickly.


with that final gravity its probably about done. let it sit for another 10 days to let the yeast clean things up.

Yup, you had a good fermentation going there. Primary fermentation really happens in two stages: first it is violent and bubbling a lot; secondly it slows down real good and the yeasties clean up after themselves.

Some yeast strains go long and steady while others go real fast.

Thanks for the info.

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