Fermtech pro filler?

Anyone use the fermtech pro filler? I use the spring tip bottling wand now but started with the leaky gravity tip bottling wand. This says it fill fast and quiet but I couldn’t find a video on how well it works.

It’s basically the same filler as your older (now leaky) gravity filler, but with added bells and whistles. The bells and whistles being the holding clip and the hose barb.

I believe the bottom portion is expanded a tiny bit which may allow for a slightly higher flow rate, the the principal and performance is going to be extremely similar.

My personal opinion is that a bottle filler is something that you want to keep relatively simple, a nice plain tube with the filler end is a clean design that’s easy to keep sanitized. I like the spring tip filler since you can pull the end off of it and get a look at everything.

I am not sure what I have but here is a video of how I use it to fill already carbed BIG beer for long term cellaring. The bottles are in a ice and water / Iodophor solution to keep foaming down and I transfer at 2-3 psi.