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Fermentor temp

My caribou slobber had been fermenting away at a cozy 65* to 68* degrees for 13 or so days. When I looked today I noticed the vent that is usually closed that is near the fermentor had been opened. When I looked at the temp on the fermenter it was above 72* thats all the higher the thermometer sticker goes. What kind of problems is this going to lead to?


Do you think it has been open and that warm the whole time? If was got warmer after the bulk of the fermenting was done, you should be fine

It depends on the yeast strain that you pitched. I think that one calls for WY1332 and if so…the optimal fermentation temp is 65-75 degrees. Even if a vent was open near it…chances are that it didn’t get much above 75 degrees. There is only one way to find out and that is to taste it! Obviously the ideal situation is to keep it at a steady temp throughout but I’m thinking you will be ok.

Seems like it is probably done fermenting so my guess is that no damage will be done. But then again, I’m not much of a perfectionist. If you haven’t tested it yet pull some out for a hydrometer testing and try it.

The worse that is likely to happy is a few more fruity esters. Some yeast will throw banana or bubble gum esters when they go above 78. I don’t think you’ll notice anything different though.

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