I’ve had my first batch brewing for 7 days now and was wondering when
or if I should transfer to a secondary?

Likely too soon. Even the kits say 2 weeks primary, two weeks secondary. But really this is variable. You need to buy a hydrometer and beer thief set up(cheap and priceless) and check some specific gravities. And skip the secondary(whole 'nother topic) :mrgreen:

Don’t bother unless you have a reason to.

biggest reason would be that I think I have more trub in my fermenter than I wanted
but not sure. I’ve read that transferring it to a secondary will help with off flavors

Not at all. Waited another week, then transfer if you want to.

What kind of beer/OG is it?

it is a Belgian golden ale 1.071-1.075

I’d leave that baby on the yeast for at least 4 weeks and check a gravity before racking, if you were inclined to rack. I only rack to re-use a yeast cake if I don’t have a keg available.