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I did a half batch of beer and just divided all of the ingredients to do a 2.5 gal batch.

I only thing I didn’t divide was the yeast. I just decided to dump it all in. I was the Wyeast.
The only thing i did wrong was the directions for yeast said the shake pack before pouring into wort.
I forgot to do that so I just shook the fermentor a little.
I did see almost an inch of foam in the fermentor the first couple of days but now day 3 it’s not really doing anything. I’m not even seeing bubles come out of fermentor. Is that OK?


Short answer, your beer is fine. Long answer, get a copy of this and read it… or just read it from the website.

Two things: First, when you shook it you were aerating your wort which is something you want to do for every batch. Shake for at least a few minutes because the yeast needs oxygen to work correctly and you boiled all of it out of the water. Second, if you don’t have one you need a hydrometer. That will ease all your worries and tell you when you beer is done.

And third (I know I said two things so here a bonus round) I’d go get that How to Brew book. Oh yeah, and I should mention that your beer will be fine

A complete smack pack in 2.5 gals? Surprised it took 3 days to ferment out!

The reason you shake the yeast is to mix up the yeast nutrients in the “pack” that you “smacked.” Another reason is so you can get the yeast into suspension when you pitch so shake it before that as well. I usually shake mine every chance I get.
You should ALWAYS aerate your wort.

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