Fermenting temp. In secondary?

Hi guys was just wondering how important is the fermenting temp.is in secondary fermentation? :cheers:

Good question. Personally I like to leave it warm to help the residual yeast eat off-flavors such as sulfur and diacetyl (if any). Other people to condition cold. I’ve done it both ways. In the end I think it probably doesn’t matter all that much, but some experimentation with this may be in order. Also part of it is yeast specific – some finicky yeasts need to be warm at the end while others don’t care.

Also I should mention that secondary is optional and a lot of folks including myself find it unnecessary and don’t do it anymore. It’s perfectly safe and a lot easier to just do an extended primary fermentation instead. FYI.

I agree. If I did the primary in the low 60’s, I will secondary up to 72F. It definitely helps the beer finish a point or two lower.

The few times I rack nowadays, I don’t expect any further fermentation activity. So, my preferred term is ‘Cold conditioning’.
Pretty much now the only styles I cold condition now are Alts, Lagers and my Graf. And I do make sure they are at FG before racking.

Thanks guys! My first time doing a secondary. I’m doing a pumpkin ale the “smashing pumpkin”.So I thought it was a good recipe to do in a secondary? This is only my third recipe so I’m still learning thanks again!!!