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Fermenting my 1 gallon batch and have some questions

A bit of history.

I bought the 1 gallon kit from NB and followed the instructions to a T. The issue I had was the cooling as I did not have a thermometer. (Wasn’t sure I needed one.)

Soaked the kettle in an ice bath for approx 25 minutes. I swirled the kettle some to spread the cooling and made sure I had constant water in my sink.

I just pitched the dry yeast (had no idea about rehydrating but the instructions didn’t say to so I didn’t bother.)

This is what my carboy looks like after roughly three days.

I know there is no airlock but the instructions said do either method and I read quite a few horror stories about the airlock blowing off so I went with this method instead. The tube is in the cup of water which is now brown and has a chunk of something in the bottom.

I searched everywhere about the level of liquid but i found nothing about 1 gallons. The instructions did not say to add water to bring it to a gallon so…

Now I am a bit worried that I failed on this batch.

Thanks! and :cheers:

What exactly are your questions?

It looks normal, sounds like you did a good job.

Best to get a thermometer for your next batch.

Keep following the directions on the instruction sheet.

I guess basically the whole thing was a question. Hoping It looked normal is all.

This looks prefectly normal to me… keep it in dark place (or cover with a black trash bag) and give a few weeks to finish up and keep following the directions.


You may have pushed your blow off tube down a little farther than you need to which caused some crap to blow through. Shouldn’t be a problem though. I usually use star San instead I plain water. No worries it will be good.

You made beer!

The information given here is really useful.and thanks alot for sharing the wonderful experiments here,so try to do more.

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