Fermenting in bottling bucket

Will my bottling bucket be ok to ferment in? For some reason my auto siphon quits working before Ican get all the beer from my bucket fermenter and into a keg. I thought it’d be easier to just hook a hose up to a spigot and drain the fermenter into a keg.

You can do it, but the spigot may end up being covered by the yeast/trub layer. This would be entering your keg until it cleared and the beer started flowing.
Is your bottling bucket well below the bottom of the fermentor when you siphon? As the level of the beer in the fermentor gets closer to the top of the beer in the bottling bucket, the siphon will slow. When the levels become equal the siphon action will stop.

The bottom of the hose from the auto siphon is about 2 feet lower then where the beer enters the auto siphon… I’ve never had any issues with it slowing to a trickle before, but that last couple I transfered took forever.

The siphon effect is controlled by where the surface of the liquids being siphoned are in relation to each other. If the surface of the liquid in the “from” container is close to the surface of the liquid in the “to” container the siphon will stop. When I’m siphoning the bottom of the fermentor is two feet above the top of the bottling bucket.

Have you had to shorten your siphon tubing?

I guess I didn’t realize the surface area is what affected the siphon. Now that I’m transferring to a keg witch is skinnier than the old bottling bucket the surface gets to high. Thanks Flars.