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Fermenting Hot with Danstar Munich Wheat

I did not have the time to wait for a starter, so I used the dry Danstar Munich Wheat beer yeast. However, I am fermenting pretty hot, 70 degree room temp and likely 75+ in the fermenter with the vigourous fermentation I am getting. What can I expect from fermenting this hot with this yeast? It is a Avantageous Wiezenbock. I don’t think I will mind a lot of banana and clove flavors, but I don’t want fusel alchohol (headache). The Danstar website just say ferment above 17C (63F). But, NB says, Optimum temp: 55°-66° F.

Why risk it. As a minimum put it in a tub of water with a T-shirt around it to drop the temp. Toss in some frozen soda bottles for extra help.

Here’s a link to an excellent discussion of Weizen brewing. It runs 50 pages, but the first post has been edited to distill the project’s lessons learned.

I started a batch nine days ago following the recipe and procedures it outlines, shooting for minimal banana/maximum clove. So far it’s performing as intended.

I’ve had it in a tub with a wet towel on it and a fan blowing on it. Still probably at 70, and the initial fermentation happened with it hot. Yes, Nighthawk, you are right; why risk it . . . . I should have put it on ice, but we had guests coming . . . . lucky I got to brew at all. I was suprised when I read that the optimal temp as I had noticed that when I bought it.

Old Dawg, I did not get the link.


I believe this is the one he was referencing.

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