Fermenting help?

Hi everyone! I’m brewing the Slobber Brown Ale. My first 5gallon recipe. I’m not second fermenting so I’m giving the primary 3 weeks! Any ways I had plenty of action in the airlock on the first 2 or 3 days then thing calmed down until the 3rd week of fermentation and things have :cheers: started up again! My question is does this seem normal? Thanks guys!!! Bty fermentation has been between 64-68!

If you are looking at the bubbles in the airlock, you may be seeing the CO2 coming out of solution. What was the timing of the hydrometer samples for specific gravity and the SG numbers?

Your slobber may be done if the SG readings confirm final gravity has been reached.

Hi thanks for the reply! I didn’t take a hydrometer reading! This I my first recipe with Northern Brewer. I’ve was brewing with mr beer just ordered a hydrometer. Thanks!

The hydrometer is a simple but indispensable piece of equipment. It’ll let you know when fermentation is done so that you can avoid nasty things like bottle bombs, and is needed to calculate alcohol by volume. Nice also to know what the original gravity is to know how close you are with your brewing methods to what others making a kit have come up with.

Did the weather just turn rainy where you live? If so, the barometer could have dropped, leading to a situation that would cause the CO2 in the beer to outgas. Similarly, if it suddenly got warmer where you are, the CO2 will outgas as well, because warm beer doesn’t hold the CO2 in solution as well as cold beer does.

It is very rare for fermentation to suddenly get active again, but not so rare for conditions to change that leads to CO2 venting from the beer.