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Fermenting beer, cabbage and cheese in the same area?

A question to those who are experts in fermantation matters:

can you ferment your beer, cabbage, and cheese in the same general area?

(With concerns to all three food staples involved…)

[i]I have read somewhere that they may effect each other in less-than

desirable ways, but the source had no credibility. (‘urban myth’)[/i]

I appreciate all input, and thank you in advance!

I have a crock of sauerkraut going next to my fermenting beer almost constantly. Keep them both clean and have your airlock topped off, and you shouldn’t have a problem!

With a healthy pitch of healthy yeast, you can probably complete a satisfactory primary fermentation of your beer near the others. But I wouldn’t leave the beer there after the krausen falls in and fermentation wanes, which might only be 2-4 days.

I’m not an expert on making kraut and cheese, but I imagine the beer fermentation will have zero effect on those – not a concern. But that’s just a reasonable guess based on everything I think I know about fermentation in general.

I age cheese in a cooler right next to fermenting beer in a swamp cooler. With good sanitation when exposing either, there isn’t an issue.

As cheese ages, it will develop mold. Especially in the early stage. You simply wipe or brush it off. I don’t do this around my beer or equipment
just because the spores can be airborne.

As a side note, it’s recommended to age certain cheese separately. Washed rind, bloomy rind should be kept separate from longer aged cheese.
Cross contamination is always possible, but easily managed.

Who knows what else is floating around our houses? :shock:

True. True.

Thank you for all your inputs!

Being a novice to all these great trades of homesteading, I prefer (and appreciate) any knowledge that comes from others’ experiences. Thank you again!


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