Fermenting and kegs

I am curious as to how many, if any, ferment in yer keg? I saw a vid on you tube of a fella, maybe 2011, showed how he fermented and transferred. I got to thinning’ about this, and , well have to give it a try. Sneezles61

I remember something about a best height to width ratio for fermenting. I believe that the theory was wider with more surface area was best. It may be all BS. Maybe someone with knowledge on the subject will weigh in.

There were a few guys who used to post here that did it. Beersk was one I think.

The main reason I’ve never done it is the limited volume. You can only ferment 4-4.5 gals, you have almost always blow off do deal with and you still have to transfer to a clean keg to carb and serve. I don’t really see the upside other than avoiding carboys and a bucket is still easier to clean.

I believe the ratio was 2:1. Your right the bucket is the perfect fermenter.

The owner of my LHBS uses a ten gallon keg to ferment five gallon batches. He hooks a blow off tube to the gas in and when it has completed connects CO2 and pushes it to transfer. It sounds like an easy way to go.

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