Fermenting a saison...pressure?

I remember reading somewhere that the sachro yeasts are sensitive to pressure as they are a hybrid wine yeast. I plan on doing a simple saison as a starter, then brewing the “Storm The Bastille” (11%ABV). My question is, should I go with the standard airlock/blowoff, or maybe just put a piece of sanitized foil over the hole? (It’s Danstar Belle Saison dry yeast I will be using)
Thanks for the answers in advance!

I’ve used belle saison with a one piece airlock and had no issues.

Used belle saison on the antithesis and only got a few inches of krausen…prob didn’t need my blowoff.

I don’t think you’ll get a significant amount of pressure fermenting with an airlock anyway. A closed system like a keg is a different story.

I think Pietro will be the one to know about this, but it was Dupont’s strain that was sensitive to pressure if I remember right. That’s the yeast that he said he read about just keeping aluminum foil over the carboy neck instead of an airlock. I think you’ll be fine with a regular airlock.

According to Drew Beechum, who is an expert on saisons, the wlp565 strain is VERY pressure sensitive. He suggests using an “open” fermentation (just placing foil over carboy). This will prevent the notorious stall. The belle strain is not the same as wlp565.

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Thanks all!!! I brewed the petite saison de et this weekend basically as a yeast starter for the " Storm the Bastille". She set in the swap cooler as we speak at 61*f with a single piece airlock, pitched at 6:15 pm yesterday. Really good brew day too, everything went as planed. I’ve been doing AG the last four batches, but this one was an extract (on sale), so it seemed to just go like clockwork. we will let her go for a couple of days at the low 60’s then ramp up the temp.
Thanks again for the reassurance!!