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Fermenter's Favorites Oxygen Wash

Just received an email from NB introducing their no boil extract kits. Took a look at the kits and instructions. the kit comes with Fermentors’s Favorites Oxygen Wash. It is used as a cleaner and sanitizer in the instructions. Solution strength is a given as 1 tablespoon per gallon and also 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon per gallon in the latter part of the brewing instructions

It is indicated to be a no rinse sanitizer. However in the Q&A section for the oxygen wash it is recommended to rinse well and use with a sanitizer like Star San.

Do you have to rinse after using?
A shopper on Jun 2, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Thanks for contacting Northern Brewer. I understand you have some questions about how to use the oxygen wash. You use need to add one ounce per gallon (2 tablespoons) for general cleaning, 2oz for heavy soils. It is recommended to rinse using this product so as not to leave a residue behind. We suggest using this in combination of a sanitizer. Cheers!
… Deanna K Staff on Jun 3, 2017

A kit like this does minimize time and space required for brewing some of your own beer.

It is worth while when starting out to research procedures, equipment, and ingredients or just planning to use a new product. Asking questions and research is a good combination.

[quote=“flars, post:1, topic:26163”]
no boil extract kits
[/quote]Can you link to this?
This sounds like the Mr. Beer kits to me. They also include the oxygen wash. I didn’t like the oxygen wash I never felt like I got it all out. The Mr. Beer kits worked well and I made some great beer with them. Once you scale up to 5 gallons they end up being more expensive than normal extract brewing and limited.

This is the link through the email.

It is also in the floating banner of the NB website.

This goes even farther to simplifying brewing than the Mr Beer. With this kit it appears to be a HME (hopped malt extract) that you just add to water and shake. Crazy

Call me crazy . . . but, I’m tempted to order one of the recipe kits for kicks and giggles.

I been considering it also. Convert one of my small frosting buckets to a fermentor and give it a go. More expensive in comparison than brewing a five gallon batch but would be fun to see the results.

I have a local vendor that sells a product that simplifies the process even more than these no-boil kits, and they even package it in convenient units of 4 or 6. Highly recommended if you’re looking to really streamline your brew day. :confused:


I have some of those kits on order from the Stevens Point Brewery. Still unavailable though. Need some more of those ready kits to see if I should give a clone a try.

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