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Fermenter temperature

Newbie here. I have batch 2 in a secondary right now, but with a recent warmup here in Cali, I noticed my fermenter running around 70 (taken with a stick on.) I’m wondering, how does everyone keep their fermenters in the 60’s during the summer months?
I have an aquarium chiller in the garage from when I had a saltwater aquarium. (I was mostly just good at killing fish, so I gave up that hobby. I like beer more, anyways.) Has anyone tried anything like that?

The crucial time to control temps is during the first 3-5 days of the ferment… After that, let it warm up and finish cleaning up the by-products of the fermentation…
The secondary racking into another vessle, is all to each ones preference… I don’t, and won’t… I’ll leave it in the same vessle… O2 is by far your worst enemy after fermenting is complete…
And welcome to this forum… There are quite a few knowledgeable brewers here, and they will help you with their perspectives so you’ll have info to try when you brew! Sneezles61

Ok, thanks! Do you just use an ice bath to control temps?

In the summer I run fermentation temps between 70-85F. I just choose the yeast accordingly. I want to have the luxury of leaving the city for a weekend without worry

You could start brewing saisons in the summer and not worry about it.

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or with the Kevin strains

Do a search for swamp coolers. It’s probably the cheapest method short of a fermentation chamber. Welcome and happy brewing!

Me do use a swampcooler. With ice

I ferment at kitchen temperature in New Mexico, in August. I use Cry Havoc lager yeast, and ferment a 2 1/2 gallon batch in a 5 gallon corny keg with a spunding valve at 1 BAR. Nice crisp clean lagers in one week. (also try White Labs High Pressure Yeast).

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Wow, lots to research. Thanks for the info!

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