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Fermenter question...need help!

Hi all,

I have a dumb question…

I recently got a homebrew kit that contains a 6.5 gallon bucket fermenter. When I put the lid on it doesn’t snap on very tight, in fact I barely hear a snap at all. How tight is the lid supposed to be? I’ve tried every which way I can think of to get the lid on tight but a 1 yr old could pull the lid off my best effort. Did I get a bad match or bucket/lid?


That is odd - Generally, it damn near kills me to get my lids off. I would guess it was mismatched. Although, to be honest, I don’t know that it would “hurt” anything. As hard as my lids are to get on and off, I still usually do not get very many bubbles in my airlock, so obviously my lids are not air tight. Bacteria do not “crawl” up under lids to get into your beer.

I wouldn’t say it is typical for one to fit that loosely, but its not going to hurt anything. Leaky seals on buckets are a common thing. You probably won’t see much airlock activity with it being that loose.

Shouldnt be a problem. If your area is clean enough you can ferment with no lid. Half the time I dont see any bubbling in my airlocks because the lids leak.

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