i started fermenting my cream ale in my garage and had good bubbling once it took off. it has stopped bubbling over the past 2 days and my question is. my garage is not heated and it got into the low 40’s the past few nights should i bring it inside to a little warmer temps in hope to restart fermentation or should i let it go? according to my directions from the kit i used it is ready to bottle on the 27th. did know if i should give it some time to warm up or just continue the way it is…thanks …rob

you really can’t have your fermentation temp fluctuate that wildly and expect decent beer. :frowning:

Temperature is very important for yeast. Thats why you should always have your yeast and wort at the same temp when you pitch and then keep it about the same throughout fermentation.

I agree that the temperature fluctuation is not good. How much it effects the beer will not be known until it is finished. Look into using a swamp cooler to control your temperatures.

As to whether you should try to restart the fermentation would depend on what the current gravity is compared to anticipated final gravity.

I would leave the beer in primary 3-4 weeks, then bottle. Allow the yeast to finish their work. They will clear the beer and further reduce any off flavors that may be present.

At any rate you will have beer. The variables will determine how much to style it remains.

Forget the part where the instructions tell you when it is ready. The beer will tell you when it is ready. Use a hydrometer and let it ferment unit it is done

that’s what I’m sayin’!