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Hi all, I am just getting back into brewing after 17 yrs and am doing 1 gal batch of the NB German blonde.
it is now day 15 and it is still bubling, temp 65-70 so what should i do just wait a few more days? or cold crash it? it’s been a long time sience I have done this.

Fifteen day fermentation is substantially longer than the norm for a small batch. The fermentation could have been completed in 4 to 8 days and what you are seeing now is CO2 coming out of solution. It is also possible activity is continuing due to an infection. Take a SG sample. If the SG is much lower than expected for the yeast you may have an infection. Taste the sample, is it like good beer, but flat, or does it have sour, tangy taste.

It tastes like flat beer, not bitter and no off taste but the surface still has stuff floating with a few big bubles, will it hurt to wait a few more days?

You need to get two SG readings to know if fermentation is complete or not complete. Take your SG samples a few days apart. If you bottle beer that is still fermenting, the bottles will develop extreme pressures and explode.

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