Fermentation- Too cold?

Working on my first brew ever, so obviously I have some fairly simple questions about fermentation. I hope I am posting this in the correct forum.

Long story but my fermenting wort (IPA) dropped to around 58 degrees the other night and has since returned to about 63-64 degrees. What are the consequences of a drop in temp like this? Is this something that if I can return it back to the 68-72F range I will be fine?

Just as a point of reference I pitched my yeast last Wed night, so I am on day 5 of fermentation. I hope around day 10 as fermentation slow to transfer to a secondary carboy.

I have notice the airlock is bubbling 3 or so times a minute, but before the cold temp drop it was bubbling about 8-10 times a minute. Not sure if I ruined my batch or not. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

Not a big deal at this point. The biggest risk is possibly making the yeast go dormant, which could happen at those temperatures, but it’s more than likely OK. After 5 or so days, keeping temperature under control is less critical, so it’s probably a good idea to warm it up to upper 60’s to encourage the yeast to finish the job.

No worries, though - Nothing is ruined at this point! :cheers:

Nope, it’s not ruined :cheers:

You can probably just leave it be. If you want to push it along a little you can ramp the temp up to the higher 60’s, but if you’re not in a rush I would just leave it :slight_smile:

What yeast?

My last few brews all started at about 57 degrees then went up to low 60’s when fermentation took off, after a couple days it’s goes back to 57. They sat at that temp for about three weeks before I took gravity readings and bottled them. They been the best I’ve made this far.