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Fermentation Temps

I believe I have been fermenting at to high of a temp. usually around 72-73 on the temp strip. I have been getting some bad results of late and thought it was the water. I have read some posts that 60 deg is a better range. I know it depends on the yeast but do you think this maybe my issue?

Personally to me that’s way too warm. Most ales I ferment at no higher than 65°. Most yeast throw more esters the warmer they ferment. Too high and they produce fusel alcohol (hot sensation or alcohol bite).

I believe you get better beer from the cooler temps too. I ferment at 58-60 on the strip which is in my BierKeller with ambient temps of about 50-60F depending on the time of year. Then after a few days when the fermentation slows, I slowly bring it up to room temp in another closet to finish out fermentation.

I agree as well. I put all of my fermenters in swamp coolers filled with water to help maintain a constant temperature via thermal mass effect, and move those to various areas of my basement and garage. This time of year I can go in the 40’s for lagers, low 60’s for most ales, and closer to the furnace at high 60’s to finish off. As a general rule, your best beer will be achieved by starting at a lower temp. and finishing off at a somewhat higher temp.

Thanks for the input. I think the high temps are the reason for my problems.


about 2 degrees above the low end of the yeast’s range is where I try to get. Also, try to cool the wert to this temp before pitching. A lot of the recipes say to cool to 80 deg, but I try to get all the way down to the low 60’s before I pitch.


The question that hasn’t been asked yet is, what kind of “bad” results have you been getting? I agree with the other respondents, 72-73 degrees ( especially on the fermometer or ambient temps) is too high, but it would be good to know what kind of off flavors or other less than desirable characteristics you’re getting in your beer. There could be other variables in addition to temperature that are contributing.

+1 what kind of off flavors?? The only yeast type I would use at that temp range would be a saison

Being relatively new to brewing I can’t really name the off flavor but it definitely doesn’t taste good. In the last few months I moved. I used to just leave my fermenters in a cooler room. But at this new place the hot water heat sucks! I’m going to build a box with a heater and temp control and put it in the garage where it’s cold. Should be able to maintain lower temps until summer. Making a new batch tomorrow.

Make sure you are taking good notes on brew day. That way you can look back and figure out what might be going wrong. Temp control is a big factor but it could be a number of other issues too. I don’t mind 68-70 degrees but I prefer 64 degrees for ales.

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