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Fermentation Temperature and Gases

Excuse the inorance here…will be bottling my first batch this weekend and want to start a new batch, shortly thereafter. Live up in Northern Idaho and outside temps have finally started to get abit warm. First batch was put in a warm room at temps staying 72 degrees or less, but it has risen inside this room this week with warmer temps outside. Question being, I would like to start this new batch and put it in our basement that has lower temps than the warm room. We basically live in the basement, will the gases be make it unliveable to occupy this room with full fermentation starting and developing???

I don’t think so. There may be a slight odor. How did the misses take to the boiling wort? Fermentation should be less “smelly” than that.

If possible, keep it in a room that is closer to the low 60’s. Fermentation creates heat. So if the room temp is 70*, the beer will be 75* +.

If you have trouble with that, a tub of water and some frozen soda bottles work good for dropping the temp.

For bottling, fill one soda bottle. Squeeze the air out of it and cap it. When the co2 is formed the bottle will expand. Thus you won’t be wondering what is happening in the glass bottles.

Extra soda bottles are also handy if you have more beer than bottles. Or, 2l bottle make great “to go” bottles for picnics/camping/poker night.

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