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Fermentation Temp

I have an American Wheat in the primary fermenting stage. Air temp is about 68 degrees. I’ve read that the temp of the beer is actually higher than the air temp because of the active fermentation. I have a basement area that is about 56 degrees, but I think this is too cool.

Thoughts on the air temp vs temp of the beer during fermentation?

Fermenting beer can be 5F-10F warmer than ambient.

If you made a starter and are using the liquid yeasts (Wyeast 1010, WLP320) then you should be ok in the basement.

If you are using the US-05 dry yeast then you’ll be ok in the basement, but some folks say it does give off peachy esters at cooler temperatures.

If the basement isn’t an option wrap a wet/damp towel around the carboy and point a fan at it.

68 ambient will more than likely put the temp in the upper range for the yeast and for most yeasts it’s best to ferment cool/cooler.

I used the dry yeast and I’ve got the carboy wrapped in a towel.

I think that I’ll put the carboy in a bucket with a small amount of water at the bottom and wrap it in a wet towel. You think that would work better?

68 may be a little warm, but not much so it should be ok, I have fermented a lot of beers at that temp and they came out fine. If it were me I would pitch the yeast mid 60’s then put it in the basement wrapped in a blanket and let it ferment a couple days then move it upstairs for the rest of the initial fermentation. Then back to the basement to let it finish up. It’s ghetto fermentation control but it works. My reasoning is initial fermentation gives off a lot of heat so at 68 ambient it will ferment fast. It will be ok but many recommend letting the yeast take their time. By wrapping it in a blanket your hoping with the heat of fermentation you stay mid 60’s as fermentation slows it will cool down so bring it upstairs to keep it in the zone.

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