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Fermentation Temp

I had rapid fermentation for the first 24-36 hours, but it came to a visual halt quick. This is my first time brewing and I was thinking maybe the temp where I am fermenting it to cool. Any idea what the temperature range should be? Thanks

Based on your provided information: 6.

However, if you let us know the type of yeast you used… :wink:

Which yeast are you using ?

Brewing the Caribu Slobber so it looks like it is Safale s-04

too cool would create a slower fermentation. You shouldn’t judge fermentation visually, it will only make you worry.

what is “too cool” to you? what temperature was it?

for S-04 low 60s would be ideal.

Odds are you’ve got nothing to worry about. I’ve only brewed with S-04 once so far, and it behaved about like that. The beer turned out well.

If you have a hydrometer, you can use that to check on the gravity and make sure it’s coming along well. If not, you can also draw off a small sample to judge it by taste. If it’s still sweet, then there might be cause for concern. If it tastes like flat beer, then you’ve successfully made flat beer. :smiley:

I tasted it when I transferred it to the 2nd car oh tonight and it’s flat beer. I have a hydrometer but honestly have no idea how to use it. I took a reading the first day but don’t know what I am looking at or what to do next…
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