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Fermentation stuck or complete?

I brewed the hosts Brunch Stout all-grain kit 2 weeks ago and pitched s-04 at 68*. Had bucket in swamp cooler and kept the ferm temps around 62*. I transferred to secondary yesterday and took a gravity reading just to see where I stood and it was still 1.034. My OG was 1.072. Is this beer finished fermenting or is it gonna do some more work in secondary? Should I pitch another pack of yeast? I’m probably just unnecessarily worrying but this was my first stout kit and biggest OG I’ve hit. Please help!


Hydrometer reading or refractometer?


Sucks that you transferred to secondary just because you left allot of yeast behind.

I let it sit for 2 more weeks in secondary and still the same gravity readings so I went ahead and kegged it. Still curious as to what may have happened (or didn’t). Hosting a fantasy football draft party the next 2 saturdays so I’m sure I will get some feedback from the beer geeks that will be attending. I have another stout kit on deck this time using liquid yeast…gonna make a starter for this 1.

A couple things… S-04 is kind of a crappy yeast, a low attenuator, AND you racked before the fermentation was done. Both facts hurt you in this case. Next time use a different yeast and don’t rack if the fermentation seems stuck.

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