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Fermentation stopped?

Help! I brewed a batch of carribou slobber yesterday and last night my blow off valve exploded off and keusen escaped. I attached a blow off hose into a bucket of sanitizer solution this morning as soon as I saw. There is a thick layer of the kreusen all around the inside of the top of the fermentor. The reason I ask help is because the layer of yeasty foam on the top of the wort looks like it is subsiding. It has only been a day and I am afraid that it looks like the fermentation is done. Help!


relax don’t worry have a home brew


Its fine. Dont worry!!!

What temp is the beer?

its at about 68 to 72 degrees as of this morning according to the fermometer. temp hasn’t fluctuated really at all. and as of this morning the yeast foam on top is almost gone. barely any co2 coming through the airlock

That is a bit warm, which is why it may have rocketed through fermentation

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