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Fermentation stopped after 24hrs

Hi team, we brewed our Amber Ale party block on 04/28/18. First time brewers, by the way. Followed all instructions to the dot, fermentation started the next morning, but on the morning of 04/30, the bubles on the airlock stopped. Could the fermntation be done in 24hrs or did something went wrong? Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The most active part of the fermentation is done but the fermentation will continue until final gravity is reached. The initial fermentation is faster when the temperature of the fermenting beer rises into into the upper 60°F range than it will in the low 60° range. When the beer begins to clear of yeast and other sediments from the top downward you can be fairly sure the fermentation is done.

Fermenting in a bucket? The CO2 may be escaping around the rim of the bucket as the pressure drops when the fermentation is less active. The CO2 may be escaping around the rim of the bucket. This is not a problem.

Take your first specific gravity reading in about 10 days.

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Batch size, yeast strain and, if you can, fermentation temperature would be helpful. If you are doing a small batch and pitching a full 5 gallons amount of cells, activity can be brief. I’ve missed activity many times.

We are in the Dominican Republic, tropic island with high temperatures, currently hace from 70-80 degrees. Since this us our first batch of homebrewing we dot have a gravity meter yet. Any other advise on the matter.

The batch is 5 gallons, ambient temperature between 70-80, we’re in the Dominican Republic. Dot know the yeast type, but its the standard that the homebrewing kit from Northern brewer brings. Thank you for your help.

Thats probably a little too warm…and its done fermenting :grinning: look up swamp coolers and/or kveik yeast if u dont have a way to cool those temps down.

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Saison yeast would work as well.

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Definitely take a look at this thread. The Kviek yeast strain may be your best friend.


Me do live on bonaire. Same temp like where you do live. Try to get a different kind of yeast that works for your climate like. Kveik. Or hot ale yeast. For sure you need a hydro meter or a refracto meter. So you can messure your. Og and final grav. Of your brews. A idea as well. Make a. Fermenting chamber. Or. Use a. Bucket full of cold water where you put your brew. Put 2 jugs of ice in the water. Got 2 waiting in the fridge. So you can swap out. Works perfect to keep the brew under control in your climate. Have fun brewing

Down fall of the climate. With out temp control. You are stuck to. Ale. Stout. Beer for my lagers. Did make a. Fermenting chamber. Keeps the temp under control. But i am at the same temp. As our fellow brewer. Do you kveik. And saison or hot ale yeast. But kveik.yeast. my best friend

I have this…™-wheeled-5-day-cooler
Tipped up on its end. It fits a 6.5 gallon carboy or bigmouthed bubbler with enough room for 2x 2 litter bottles of ice and several smaller bottles in desired. I swap out the bottles before I go to work and when I come home. I would say it does well down to 20 degrees F below your room temperature.
Coolers like this go on sale every summer in my area For $35-$40. You will want the 75 qt one though.

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