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Fermentation started cool, then got hot

So did the Sierra Madre, fermentation started great, good temps, then my wife had a baby. Out of the house for a week, and temps in my garage got up to the 80s’. Primary was we done at that point, and was just chilling.

What can I expect from this? Ready to keg, but don’t want to open and taste if not needed.

Who cares about the beer… Congrats on the baby!

How long was fermentation going BEFORE you had to leave? With ales, the first 3-4 days are the most crucial. If fermentation was complete then you have no worries.

It was just over a week. But has been out there for 3 weeks in total. Hoping it is still good. IPA keg that was in the kegarator just blew last night, and don’t like an empty tap.

Now just need to find the time and the energy get everything transferred. Man I’m tired.

And thanks Loopie.

Oh if you had controlled fermentation for a week then you’ll likely be fine. Still not a good idea to get most yeast that high but off flavors are most commonly produced the first 3-4 days.

congrats on the baby. your brew should be fine like what loopie said first few days important

Sierra Madre means mother mountains. How apropos for the new mother. Congrats! Oh and the beer will be fine.

thanks gents. Going to try and get it kegged tomorrow (try to key word if I’m awake) and will report back on how it ended up.

Going to bottle a saison tomorrow too. Mix a gallon of it with some tart cherry concentrate. Again…if I’m awake.

Turned out meh. Tastes fine up front, but the hop flavor is nill. Not sure what happened on this one…besides getting hot.

Saison is delish though.

How much hops come for dry hopping? How long did you dry hop?

Go to a store that handles tea, get a couple of tea strainer balls, sanitize, fill with hops, put it in the corner for 5 plus days, then back to the fridge and chill. You don’t have to pull the tea balls out. That will get you a dry hopped brew quite easily. Sneezles61

If you need a cheap option, you can buy knee-high, nylon hose for $.50. Drop the hops in the hose and tie it off. This can be suspended from the lid unflavored dental floss. Of course, all of this should be sanitized first.

Was the Sierra Madre kit, no dry hop for this one. But may do it now that you guys mentioned it. Just missing something and needs the gap filled in.

Yeah pop in an ounce of cascades. You’ll be much happier.

Ounce of cascades have been popped, and much happier with it. Thanks for that suggestion on dry hopping.

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