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Fermentation question

Good Saturday Morning!
Four days ago started fermentation using liquid yeast, but still see no action in airlock. Any idea what is the best thing to do now? We were sure to put yeast in when wort was below 74 (was at 62F I believe) We moved it into the living room where the temp is warmer (wood heat in only one room) hoping that would help but still nothing. Do we need to add more yeast? Have not peeked at it yet, so no idea what it looks like inside bucket.

Any advice?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Buckets have a habit of not sealing at the lid so I would sanitize your hands and take a quick peek. You can also put a light behind the bucket ans see if you can see foam from the Kreauzen stuck to the side above the wort. My guess would be that it already fermented but the CO2 escaped without moving the air lock.

Pressed on the lid, nothing seemed loose, but then it started bubbling like crazy!! Not sure if it is because while I was out my husband put the fermenter closer to the woodstove or if my pressing silently sealed something, either way, I guess it is worth an extra day or two in the fermenter before
transferring to carboy/bottles.
Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s possible for the airlock to get blocked with krausen, although usually when that happens the lid starts to bulge. Or perhaps you resealed it. But anyways, peace of mind, right?

ok, new question same subject…
if it were to turn out the yeast did not work:

  1. what would the signs be
  2. can you add another dose of yeast and try again or do you have to throw the brew out?

the bubbling only lasted a few minutes now it only happens when I press on the lid
so not sure if it is playing possum or really dead :frowning:

Try shining a bright light through the top of the bucket and see if you see a krausen ring through the side of the bucket that would be higher than the 5 gallon mark or mark that you topped it off to.

that worked!! THANKS :slight_smile: We are calling this Fermentation Anxiety


It’s also ok to pitch more yeast if you have no fermentation. But with buckets, as I have found out…they more often than not don’t seal all the way when you get no airlock activity.


But… Airlock bubbles and other visible signs of fermentation don’t really tell you much. Peace of mind if you see them, but if you don’t, it does not mean that fermentation isn’t happening. The only way to be sure is to take SG(specific gravity) readings using a hydrometer or refractometer. If you are really concerned, then take a SG to see where you are. Otherwise, using the acronym of Papa P., RDWHAHB!

Thanks, now I am curious about the acronym what does it stand for?

Relax Don’t Worry Have A Homebrew

I like my clear glass carboy for this reason, although it does have it’s down-sides too.

Reason is, I had a bunch of bubbles from my airlock for a few days after I pitched, but now I don’t see any bubbles at all. Temp is on the lower end of the acceptable range for my yeast, but not that low. It’s good to see the foam on the top still, and if I look a little farther down the glass I can see stuff floating and moving and churning away in the brew still. So I know for sure it’s still working just by looking at it.

Most of the time I only look so I can get a quick smell :slight_smile:

I too suffer from Fermentation Anxiety (nice term Chewey) and have glass carboys for this very reason. I also love to watch all the churning during an active fermentation. I’m always amazed that simple fermentation can almost look like it’s boiling.

[quote=“Templar”]I like my clear glass carboy for this reason, although it does have it’s down-sides too.

And I thought I was the only one getting high by sticking their head into their fermentation freezer :mrgreen:

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