Fermentation Problem

I brewed Spiced Winter Ale and broke the yeast pack when smacking it and some spilled so I added some Fleischmans dry yeast to make up the difference. No fermenting in 48 hrs so I bought another liquid yeast and added it. A week later still no fermentation. Any ideas or should I dump it and start over?

With three different yeasts in there you think you would get something going a week out. What temperature is it at? Yeast don’t like it too cold.

You added bread yeast? That will make an interesting beer.

48 hours is to early to be worried. 72 and you can start to be concerned.

If it’s cold, extend that by another day.

What yeast?

Also, what are you using to gauge fermentation? Hydrometer is the only way to know for sure what’s going on in there. Airlock activity is a poor indicator of fermentation. I’ve had beers that fermented out beautifully, in which I never saw any airlock activity.

+3 to all the above. After a week and three pks of yeast, something should be going on. I can’t believe the bread yeast didn’t something, good or bad.
After the bread yeast addition, I would dump. I’ve never brewed with it, but I’ve tasted it. Not good.

Rough brew day op! You’ve taken your lumps. Rest easy in the knowledge that things will be easier from here on out.