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Fermentation of a Belgian Tripel

Making a Belgian Tripel from a kit. Pitched in the yeast (Trapist high gravity) and after 2 days there’s no activity…please advise?

Robert Thomas

What is the temperature of the wort in the fermentor? What was the size of your starter? Are you brewing in a bucket? (Buckets can leak CO2 around the rim during active fermentation without causing any bubbling through the airlock.)

70 degrees…5 gallons belgian tripel brewed in a conical fermenter…there’s just no activity taking place…no head at all on the surface of the brew… I suspect the yeast isn’t working for some reason

Did you make some sort of starter for the yeast?

It was a smack pack.

Did the smack pack expand ? Only one smack pack and no starter?

There may be a problem with this fermentation. One fresh pack of WY 3787 may not provide the number of yeast cells to finish the Tripel. There will be some new cells propagated but new cell production will end when the ABV reaches about 3.5%. In another day you may begin seeing some activity.

Do you have a local source for yeast. It may be best to pitch more yeast. Even pitching a dry Belgian yeast will ferment out the wort. It won’t have exactly the same flavor a Tripel would have, but the wort will be fermented.

Did you pitch dry yeast or a starter . Friend of mine same issue .the dry yeast took longer to do its work after four days it started to do its work .could be to cold for the yeast as well

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