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Fermentation & Looking for min fridge recommendation


I have a temp regulator from Amazon on its way here. I’ve looker at CL and there’s nothing that has caught my eye. Do you guys know of any mini fridge that could fit a 6g carboy? If so can you provide the model number of the fridge or freezer. I’m guessing I should choose a fridge over a freezer.


Look for something in the 4.4cf size. You may need to remove the door shelves and replace it with a piece of “shower board” from Lowes/Home Depot to provide more space.

Measure the height of the carboy with an airlock/blow off tube and make a cut out from cardboard for the width. Then go to the store to find a fridge.

I use a dorm fridge for fermentation exclusively. I had to remove the shelf on the inside of the door, and install a hinge on top of the fridge to keep the door closed when fermenting. I ferment in 6.5 gallon buckets. The fridge has enough room to accommodate the bucket and airlock. While I’m not sure of the actual size, any dorm fridge with one door should work. When shopping for mine, I carried one of my buckets into the store. I lucked our though, and found one for $50 on Craigslist.

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