Fermentation hel0

Anyone else have ur fg hit the mark after a week and just racked it… so should I just bottle??

Yes you can always hit your FG mark in a week, I’ve had it hit that mark in 3 days, all depends on how good or fast your yeast strain is. Now when to bottle is a totally different question. This depends on the beer you are making.

When you do the secondary fermentation it’s more about getting the consumed yeast out the way, and your beer to mellow. Sure you can bottle after the primary, but you can get better beer by putting into a secondary and waiting a couple weeks.

Most brewers will try to put into secondary before you hit the FG number so you have some fermentation left to go. But sometimes life gets in the way.

Eric is true about the basics- listen to him. Whether or not you do a transfer to a ‘secondary vessel’ is quite controversial, but without a doubt, DON’T package it for at least 1 week after pitching. 2 weeks is even better, and personally, I usually go 3. The reasoning behind this advice: The visible signs of fermentation may be over, but the yeast are not finished. After the hard, fast work, they slow down, and go back to cleanup the harder stuff they ignored the 1st time. As well as cleaning up the fermentation products they created during the initial fermentation. Give them time to do this, as well as settle to the bottom before packaging and you will have a clearer, better tasting product in the end. In this patience IS a virtue.

Thanks guys that was the plan to let it go a 3 weeks this was the first time it basically was done after a week with no activity…thank u