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Fermentation for this IPA

Hello I am following this recipe that I found on the web for an double ipa. But my ? Is the way they conduct the fermentation for this beer here the instructions as they read cool to 66, pitch and ramp to 68F over 24 hours. Now would one chill to 66f an pitch an sat there temp controller to 68f an let it Naturally Rise to the 68f but not over that why I would set the temp controller to 68f so it would go over it

Kind of confused as to your question but yes pitch at 66 and set your controler to 68 . that’s perfect.

What I was asking was about the way it said to ferment this beer. Basically I am asking how would one pitch at 66f an ramp it to 68f over 24hour .


It will rise on its own to 68.

The over 24 hour bit is just directions being overly specific. You can pitch at 66 and leave your controller set to 66 if you want and then increase it the next day. 2 deg is not going to matter to your yeast. Just try and keep it under 70.

It simply doesn’t matter that much. Leave it at 66 and you’ll never know the difference.

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