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Fermentation for a kolsch?

Hello I have a kolsch fermenting at 62f an recipe instructions are saying to ferment for 3days at the 62f an then ramp up to 68f over 10days now if we do the math that 6 degrees I have too spread out over a 10day period. So how many degrees a day or every other day would I need to ramp it too?

I assume these instructions are to do a diacetyl rest. Google that for more info you can imagine. The idea is for lagers to raise the temp from lager temp in the low or mid 50’s to the 60’s when fermentation is about 3/4 done to finish out fermentation.

I’m not sure in the case of your Kolsch’s temp range it will do much but it can’t hurt and it’s always best to follow the instructions at least for the first time if using a kit.

For sake of simplicity I would go every other day 1,1,1,1,2° One variable might be with your temp controller. Some are set to a 2° temp swing. If you are set at 64° it may not turn on your freezer, fridge or whatever until the temp reaches 66°.

I wouldn’t be worried about being exact but I don’t get too scientific with my beers and they always come out beer :grinning:

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