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Fermentation ended in four days?

I’m brewing an Irish Red Ale for my first brew ever and I’m getting a little worried because it has stopped bubbling after four days. I don’t know if that is normal or if I messed something up. It’s been at a steady 68 degrees or so and my book says that if it’s not the temperature then it might be the yeast preparation. I did kind of mess up and threw the liquid yeast pack in my cleaning solution which was kind of hot and the yeast was still trying to get to room temperature coming from the refrigerator. But it was bubbling really good for a while so that might not be a problem. Also I didn’t take any O.G. reading because I didn’t want to waste any beer. I’m hoping I’m just being a little too worried because I’m a brew virgin.

What was the O.G? And what yeast did you use?

if it was extract, the OG can be calculated given the volume of water and amount of extract used. and if it was a kit, the expected OG should be correct if you ended with the correct volume. typically an irish red isn’t very high gravity. and 68 is a little warm, id say it has likely finished its ‘vigorous’ stage of fermentation. you could take a gravity sample now and know for sure

Bubbling is not an indication of fermentation, per se. Just means less co2 out assuming you’ve still got a good seal.
take a hydro reading, then another in 3 days. if they are the same, the fermentation is ended.


What you need to do is go to the store and purchase a 6 pack of one of theses beers. ... dales.html
  1. Pursuit of Hoppiness - Grand Teton Brewing, Idaho
  2. O’Regan’s Revenge Irish Red Ale - Sound Brewery, Washington
  3. Bomber Mountain Amber - Black Tooth Brewing, Wyoming
  4. River Falls Red Ale, Thomas Creek Brewing - South Carolina
  5. Cameron’s Auburn Ale – Cameron’s Brewing, Canada
  6. Celtic Ale - Harpoon Brewery - Massachusetts
  7. Red Mountain Ale – Silverton Brewing, Colorado
  8. Samuel Adams Red Ale – Boston Beer Company, Massachusetts
  9. O’Hara’s Irish Red - Carlow Brewing - Ireland
  10. Kilgubbin Red Ale - Goose Island - Illinois

Drink one each night.

Then worry about your beer :slight_smile:

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