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Fermentation did not start

This is the first time fermentation didn’t start. What can I do?
I brewed 5 gal batch of chinook iPad with safari dry yeast. Pitcher yeast at approximately 80 degrees. After 2 days no sign of fermentation. I have it in my house at 77 degrees. It’s in a 6 gallon fermentation bucket.
Can I save the batch? What do I need to do??

Highly unlikely your brew is ruined…give it another day. Has it been a full 48 hours or just parts of 2 days? Do you have a way of checking specific gravity? A hydrometer could help determine if your yeast is actively consuming sugars…buckets are notoriously bad at hiding signs of active fermentation by leaks that detract from the airlock.

It’s very warm too…

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My og started at1.070
Kit says oh should be 1.053

Just checked it at 1.022
Temp is 83 degrees

Am I okay??

By the way, I left town for 2 days after the brew. I gues I missed the fermentation

Yeah you missed it. At 82 probably went fast. Probably going to have fusel alcohol present. Its going to give you a headache


I think the increase in “normal” alcohol in this brew will be an even more likely hangover candidate :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the beer worth keeping?

No reason not to keep going at his point. You have already invested your time and the ingredients so why not.

80° is very warm. Did the instructions say to pitch at that temp?60s is more like it. If you followed the kit instructions and topped up to 5 gal or whatever the kit volume is the OG should be close. It is possible the wort was just not mixed in enough with the top up water. Happens all the time.

What kit is it? We are always happy to help so the more info the better.

It the Chinook IPA extract. says to pitch yeast at 78 degrees

I am planning to rack to my glass carbon in 2-3 weeks and let stay there for another 6-8 weeks.
Will a longer time make it better?

Time will help improve most brews… IPA… I’m a firm believer you want to drink sooner rather than later… I find the hops fade away with time…
I do wish these kits would get their poop together… Standard ale yeast should be fermented in the low to mid 60’s… One I have fermenting now… The freezer controller sez 63… Temp of the tilt IN the brew sez 67… Yeast in active fermentation WILL give off heat…
Don’t be discouraged if your brew isn’t all you want it to be… Look forward to your next one… I had many stumbling events through out my brewing adventures… which started in 2001…
We are here for you…

Yeah, 78 degrees is wayyy too warm. I read the online instructions and darned if it doesn’t say 78*! So… trust us, next time cooling wort to low to mid 60’s prior to pitching is optimal, and keeping the temp there for a few days is a key to a good ale.

Not sure why that hasn’t been revised. That dates back probably to the bad old days of homebrewing before people knew any better. NB should revise that number down on multiple recipes.

Edit: I see @sneezles61 is already on it!


I’d keep it and bottle it. You won’t know until you taste it. It may have an alcoholic taste. But maybe not. If it does age it and see if you like it better. You may like it as is

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